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Fall is here!  The weather is beautiful (if it isn't raining).  We have 16 bean soup and Pit Ham for the remainder of the season.  the ham brings back memories of the holidays for me.  The clove and cinnamon add so much and when paired with the best ham I have ever tasted, well it is just fantastic.

Welcome all to our little home on the web :)  We hope you find something to your liking on our Menu page and if not then send me a note at and let me know.  I have been cooking for you all for 7 years now and I love every minuet of it (OK, not when I burn my fingers!)!

We have had a great year at The Plains and hope to have a fantastic Fall!  Remember to stop by early on Sundays to get all your game day BBQ.  We have our full menu ready at 10:00 AM every Sunday.

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 It's our love of the food that drives us to make everything special for you!